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Plunge Africa offers some of the most iconic guided tours of Africa. Currently, we currently are offering the following guided tours:
Casablanca (Morocco), Kenya (Traditional Safari and Swahili Coast Tours), Tanzania, South Africa (seven and ten day tours), Ghana, and The Untrodden South (Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana).

Personalized tours, guided or otherwise, are always on tap 365 days a year. Choose your dream adventure and LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

All activities and adventures are interstate (in one specific country), unless otherwise specified. The Untrodden South span three countries.

The Casablanca Tour (Quarterly)

Visit Casablanca. Relive the movie and visit other incredible locations in Morocco in ten days… (Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

Kenya Ten Day Safari (monthly July to March)

Tour Kenya (in the epitome of all safaris) in ten glorious days…(Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

Kenya Swahili Coast in Ten Days (monthly July to March)

Why limit yourself to Safari. Explore the Swahili Coast life we Americans never see … (Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

Tanzania Safari (Quarterly)

Where it all starts. Animal migrations and more… (Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

Ghana in the Summer

Ghana: Kwanza and Afrobeats Festival

Spend Christmas with the family and then enjoy Kwanza in Ghana. Discover the fastest-growing festivals in world. Christmas and holidays will never be the same … (Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

South Africa in a Week

Yes. You can do South Africa in a week!… (Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

South Africa in Ten Days

Do South Africa in ten days… (Click HERE for itinerary and other details))

The Untrodden South

Yes. We do tour Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana!!! Get a chance to see all three in one amazing trip. See both sides of Victoria Falls, and see incredible places Zimbabwe may be under our sanctions but it’s beauty cannot be denied. More Americans tourists visit Zimbabwe than any other nation… (Click HERE for itinerary and other details)

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In order to build an adventure or explore an activity on the African continent, please drop Plunge Africa an email with the basic details of your proposed visit (number of nights, number of persons, special requests, and type of accommodation required if known).
We will then contact you with a tentative solution which we can discuss and ‘edit’ until you are completely satisfied. All through this process you are under no obligation whatsoever to book with us until you are completely satisfied.


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