Who We Are

About Us

Plunge Africa is a full-service Tour Operator and with a focus on Africa. Plunge Africa was created to make Africa accessible to Americans. We primarily target the American Market and mainly service the America tourist. While other North Americans (Canada and Mexico), other Americans (Latin American and the Caribbean) and the rest of the world are welcome, our sole mission is to make Africa readily accessible to American tourists and adventurers.

Plunge Africa was started by one of the most respected American tour guide operators (James Bell of Wild Sierra fame), a trailblazing female Kenyan entrepreneur and hotelier (Caroline Gikunda), and an American businessman and self-described ‘Africa-Optimist’ who prefers anonymity. Plunge Africa offers its clients (Americans seeking to travel to and explore Africa) the best of both worlds:

(1) Knowledge of what makes the American traveler tick based on decades of unparalleled tour offering to the American public in the U.S. and abroad, and

(2) Personal experience of the best Africa has to offer. Plunge Africa’ singular mission is to create and curate guided tours of the most beautiful places and unique experiences on the African Continent, and we do so at a very reasonable value and a price for all budgets.

From the most exotic and expensive of experiences for the privileged few to sponsored education tours, outdoor camping trips and other basic tours, Plunge Africa is the ‘go-to’ company for American travelers and adventurers venturing into Africa.